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Optional Portable Panels: For Round Pens

For Six Horse Unite

Outside circumference: 183 ft.
   (Each Panel 5 FT long x 5' 8'' high - 4 rail pipe of 1    5/8" o.d. heavy square tubing with one - 5ft. gate    w/overhead brace)

Inside Circumference: 139 ft. (with one, walk-thru   gate to allow entrance to unit)

Total of 58 Panels

(58 Panels total - 33 panels outer ring, 25 panels inner ring)
For Six Horse Unit

For Six Horse Unit 2
With Additional Heavy wire gauge net screen, (space in screen: approximately 2" x 4" openings)For Four Horse Unit
With additional sheet metal (8" High) to   help hold footing material.

For Four Horse Unit

Outside Circumference: 142 ft.
(Each Panel 5 ft. long x 5' 8'' high - 4 rail pipes of 1 5/8" o.d. heavy square tubing with one - 5 ft. gate w/overhead brace.)

Inside Circumference: 98 ft. (with one, walk-thru gate to allow entrance to unit.)

Total of 44 panels

(44 panels total - 26 panels outer ring, 18 panels inner ring)




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