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Free Flow Exerciser

Model 6ff
• 60ft. Diameter
• 29 Rotations = 1 Mile
• 28' Arms, 30 feet apart
• 6 Electrical Screen Dividers
• Wall Mounted Control Box
• Single Phase 220v Power System
• User Friendly Controls
• Total running cost as little as $0.12 / hour
Six Arm Free Flow Model

Model 4ff
• 45
ft. Diameter
• 36 Rotations = 1 Mile
• 22' Arms, 35 feet apart
• 4 Electrical Screen Dividers
• Wall Mounted Control Box
• Single Phase 220v Power System

Four Arm Free Flow

Both Models include:
Push-button digital control box
Direct Power Drive system
Totally enclosed steel cover on all drive components
Speed 0 mph to 20 mph, Forward and Reverse
Variable speed control, including reverse, allows stress-free safe movements in all gaits;    walk, trot or cantor.

Prices Include:

Star Push Button Digital Control Switch
Star Emergency Stopping Feature
Star Totally enclosed Steel Cover
Star 220 Volt Power System
Star Electrified Steel Screen Dividers
Star Solar Powered Electrical Panel Charger with Wiring

Solid Constructions
Quality Material
Emergency Stopping Feature
Efficient Time Management
Labor Saving
Minimum Maintenance
User Friendly Controls
Total Running cost as little as $0.12/hour

Adjustable from a walk to a canter
Variable Training & Exercising programs
Increased development of muscular and skeletal systems
Improved Cardiovascular performance

Over 55 years of reputable experience.
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